Creating software solutions using the Silverlight/WPF Technologies...


Welcome to a .NET development consultancy that specialises in the design and implementation of Silverlight Applications. Please take a look at some of the examples of work created using the Microsoft Silverlight technology in the examples section from the menu at the top.

If you do not have Silverlight installed please visit this link.(‎)

We have over twenty years of software development experience in the IT business. The majority of those developing software projects for a variety of organisations including -:

  • - Royal Bank of Scotland
  • - Microsoft
  • - Honda F1 Racing / Brawn Racing
  • - MRM Global
  • - METIA
  • - Channel 4
  • - Channel 5
  • - Amazon
  • - Love Film
  • - BSKYB
  • - NHS Arden

We have been creating sites in Silverlight since it was an alpha via the Microsoft partner program. Versions include -: 1.0 (Javascript) ,2.0 beta + rtw ,3.0 ,4.0,5.0. Experienced in delivering custom controls, RIA Service sites along with the associated technologies for use in LOB applications such as Web Services, Entity Framework, SQL , LINQ and RX as examples.

You can contact us on -: