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More code snippets… - Oct 15, 2015

More and more work to do with Javascript these days. Overall its a good thing and some of the techniques are ‘pretty’ good. One that I like a lot is the self invoking function or the immediately invoked function expression. And I thought I would create a Visual Studio Code Snippet for these are code […]

LESS – means more… - Oct 15, 2015

I’ve been looking at a few Javascript technologies as a bit of a refresher and spent some time looking at LESS. LESS is a CSS Pre-processor. That means it takes CSS – adds some new ideas that you can use in ‘.LESS’ files – and LESS will convert that into pure CSS for you. The […]

Visual Studio Type Trick….. (C#) - Aug 20, 2015

I noticed this the other day and its a bit of time saver. Often I’m wanting to access something in an object that supports an interface which some property that might support another interface etc , you get the idea. Creating the line of code that goes through the conversion can be time consuming especially […]

A trip to London Victoria…. - Jul 17, 2015

I’ve  been working for a new customer for the last month or so and today we had a trip to London Victoria. Actually it was this place. Bit of nice pad. We had a good time but arrived a little late for a Dev Labs session. It was pretty good the presentation at the beginning […]

When something goes wrong….. - Jul 17, 2015

This post I’m sharing some of the tips that I use to work out whats going wrong with a Silverlight App if it fails to start debugging correctly. I’ve been working on updating a Silverlight application for a client for the last few weeks now. Its going ok. Its the usual issues of picking up […]

The MVVM Pattern… - Jan 20, 2014

In the last few years, Silverlight developments have matured from being javascript based to C# code behind, to projects that utilise separation patterns, being test driven with inversion of control. In this post I’m focusing on the MVVM pattern (Model View, View Model). The idea of this pattern is quite simple – remove your business logic […]

CQRS ( Command Query Responsibility Segregation) Pattern - Jan 20, 2014

So, it looks like there is a new pattern hitting the tipping point. I took some time looking into it and I quite like the main point behind it. The pattern was thought up by a chap called Bertran Meyer (he of Eiffel fame). The main premise behind this pattern is that every method is […]

Code Snips in Visual Studio - Feb 08, 2012

How to create code snips in VS2010

Hero’s Happen Here - Jan 17, 2012

Ah , just remembered this project and thought I would post up about it. Produced whilst I worked for Metia it was a great project to work on. We had a deadline of February 12th 2008 to go live. Nothing could change and we had to have it up , running and tested in a […]

Silverlight 5 - Jan 17, 2012

So Silverlight 5 came out but in a true reflection of Microsoft’s change of track , you wouldn’t really have noticed it eh?! Most of the information regarding the release can be found here. I’ve mainly been working in SL 4 for the last few months but just recently started looking into the features of […]