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Page Turner

We developed an online magazine solution that tricks the user into thinking that they have a nice 3D style magazine to read. It uses a set of maths and UI techniques to create a realistic experience of turning a page on a 2D computer screen. A version of this technology was used by one of our clients and from that experience we decided to take what we had learnt and create a nice Silverlight control that could be embedded into any Silverlight or WPF application. The user simply provides it with the content that they wish to view as ‘pages’ and it does the rest for you.

One of the really nice features of this is that the pages can be plain text – or they can contain any of the great benefits that you get with XAML based techs such as animations, deepZoom, video as a few examples.


Click HERE to see an example of the PageTurner technology in action.

To use the demo you can either use the buttons to the left or right of the main page turner control or you can simply hover your mouse over the edges of the page and click the mouse to drag the pages. The rest is handled for you. You should note certain thing happen -:

1. You can drag the page slightly and let go and it will animate back into the starting position.
2. If you drag the corner more than halfway across the page it will animate across the book to the end position.
3. Shadows display realistically as you drag the page across.
4. You can twist and turn the page in any direction and it will follow your mouse correctly.
5. When dragging the page you can see the content on the underside appear as you would naturally expect it to.
6. The pages can contain an XAML content you can dream up.
7. There are events within the control to tell you things such as Draggaing, PageFinishedTurning etc which as a developer you can listen to and react to accordingly for your content.
8. There is no limit to the amount of content/pages you can put into the control.
9. Any corner can be used to turn the page.

If you like the look of this control and would like to use it – then please do contact us here at SilverlightDEV for help in doing so.