Creating software solutions using the Silverlight/WPF Technologies...

MRM Global

We were engaged by MRM to produce some small projects from a set of briefs provided by Microsoft. Below are some screen shots of the different projects we were involved in.


This project was possibly the most involved project that we worked on together. It required the setting up of a game that allowed people who completed it the chance to win a copy of Windows 7. The project required the creation of a fairly indepth Deep Zoom solution that users had to carefully examine and work out where the security lapse was. When they had identified it they clicked in the aree where they felt it was and were zoomed into another problem area. If they correctly identified all of the issues then they were given a chance to register for the copy of Windows 7.The launch of this went brilliantly and MRM exceeded their expectations with over 30,000 people taking part and registering.


Click HERE to see the game (opens new window)


This carousel was added to a Microsoft page for a promotional push with their CRM technology. The page allowed the site owners to upload dynamic content to a directory structure which Silverlight would then populate the carousel from. When selecting an item from the Carousel it would animate to position and then update the UI beneath the carousel with information regarding the item the user had selected. This project uses a Silverlight custom control to perform the Carousel and has some nice maths involved to work out how to position the elements on a circle and then subsequently animate them. Using this approach the Carousel can be used easily in other projects and be customised easily by the designer.


Click HERE to see the Carousel.

Video Player

MRM required a Silverlight based video player after being briefed by Microsoft UK. The Video player would require a UI that would let the user interact with the video playing to scrub through the media and adjust the volume. I was presented with a mock of how the UI was to look by an graphic artist and working together we created the site that you can see below.


Click HERE to see the Video Player